Here's just a few examples of the what our clients have to say about working with us over the years.

ROBERT H. 2018 

"I solicited 2 other bids prior to hiring Illuminate.  Note that the average price of residential solar in California is about $3.16.  Both of the other companies came in way over that with no justification.  Personally, I am not willing to pay for large marketing departments or for sales people to quote high prices to numerous customers waiting for one to bite.  In contrast, Mark gave me a fair quote right off the bat.  It was also obvious to me that he had the needed experience and attention to detail.  He measured the solar exposure and proposed a configuration involving tilting the panels on part of the roof that the other bigger companies had overlooked.  Illuminate also guaranteed a minimum power output calculated to minimize my electric bill.  The others did not provide that guarantee. 

In terms of the work quality, they were on time and very responsive at every stage with a lot of attention to detail including the aesthetic aspects of panel, electronics and conduit placement and even choosing paint colors for the conduits in various places.  Mark and the team take pride in their work and I wholeheartedly recommend them."


LinDa C. 2016 

"Well the proof is in the bill. Solar is the way to go. Last years July PG&E bill was $525.41 this years July bill, with solar installed, $6.57. If you live in California solar is a no brainer. Consider it and if you go with solar I strongly recommend Illuminate Solar. Illuminate Solar configured my system to ensure it would produce enough solar energy to no longer have a bill. They are professional, knowledgable, responsive, experienced and their workmanship is exceptional. Go solar!"


JohN K. 2016

"Used Mr. Mark Hafen and his company for my solar residential project. His expertise, his seamless installation and his understanding of the financial benefits of solar made me understand I NEEDED SOLAR. It is the best investment you can make for your home because it pays you back. Give this company a call you won't be sorry."



It's time to turn the sunlight on your roof into savings in your bank account.

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