For ten years the highly dedicated and experienced team at Illuminate Solar Company has utilized their trustworthy, honest and thorough workmanship to bring solar power to thousands of homes in the greater Northern California area. 

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. Offer the the highest quality solar installations at the most affordable price. We have the expertise, the experience and the knowledge. You can have the savings. 

our people

We have cultivated a team of honest, professional, trustworthy solar experts. For years we have combined our two points of expertise; homebuilding and solar energy. With a background in all things construction we work with your home holistically, installing our solar systems with an understanding of your home from the inside out. 


Mark Hafen, Owner and President

We do it better than anyone else and we can do it for less than anyone else. Everybody can save with solar; whether your bill is $50 or $500... solar is going to save you money the second you say yes. Good for the earth, good for your wallet. Everybody wins with solar.
— Mark Hafen, President Illuminate Solar Company

Mark Hafen brings with him up on your roof a lifetime of construction experience. Upon graduating from UC Santa Barbara with his Bachelors of Art in Environmental Studies, Mark went to work with his father in the construction industry. Working under and on countless rooftops, Mark realized his skill set could be better put to use in more meaningful and beneficial ways for both his clients and the energy. For ten years now, Mark has been focused on providing the highest of quality installations, at the most affordable of prices. A true perfectionist, Mark is known for his truthful, hardworking, calm demeanor and pristine, thorough work. He ensures that every job is completed to perfection, proven by thousands of happy clients throughout the greater Northern California area.  

Kayla Carlisle, Vice PRESIDENT human resources and marketing

I always knew solar was great for the environment, but what really made me believe in solar was when I saw just how much homeowners could save the SECOND it was switched over. I called everyone I knew that owned their home and explained to them that they can forget about their stocks...sticking solar on their roof was the BEST investment they could ever make.
— Kayla Carlisle

Kayla Carlisle has been with Illuminate Solar for two years now, and her vibrant background of experience brings light to our company. After graduating from California State University Sacramento with a Bachelors of Arts in Design and Marketing, Kayla spent some time traveling and found her self living on the east coast. After working for several years in Human Resources for a financial investment firm in Boston, she realized that California would always be home. She returned and began studying for her Masters in Environmental Education. Her background allowed her to understand and improve multiple aspects of our company.  Her knowledge of solar and it's environmental benefits, her expertise in customer support, and her positive outlook on life make Kayla a vital member of our team. Kayla ensures that every client leaves completely happy with their experience with Illuminate Solar.


It's time to turn the sunlight on your roof into savings in your bank account.

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